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How often should I change the oil on my Nissan?

Every car must have clean oil so that the engine's parts remain lubricated, but when is it the right time to change a car's oil? Consider some of the factors that influence when you should change your oil in either a new or used Nissan.

The Majority of Nissan Models

For most drivers in the Snyder, Cache, Wichita Falls, and Frederick areas, a standard oil change should occur every 5,000 miles. Brand new Nissan vehicles have quality internal engine parts that don't require frequent oil changes. In fact, superior conventional oil maintains its consistency even on long drives through Chickasha or Lawton, OK. If rain or any severe weather persists, however, it's a smart idea to change the oil more frequently than every 5,000 miles.

Adding Synthetic Oil to the Engine

Conventional oil is strictly derived from natural fossil fuel sources, but car enthusiasts can try synthetic blends that incorporate specialized components. Typically, synthetic oil has a longer lifespan within Nissan engines compared to conventional oils, so service intervals for these vehicles rise to every 7,500 miles. That means you can take your car out to Altus or Duncan without worrying about driving too much on dirty oil.

Flex Fuel Vehicles

Nissan of Lawton is proud to sell and service Flex Fuel vehicles, which have an alternative maintenance schedule compared to standard gasoline models. Flex Fuel models, such as the Armada, should have their scheduled oil change performed every 3,750 miles. These cars use a mixture of ethanol and gasoline for combustion purposes. Frequent oil changes simply keep these engines running smoothly.

Classic Nissan Cars

Many classic Nissan owners take excellent care of their vehicles, so they might be on the road for nearly 15 or 20 years without major problems. For these vintage models, owners should adhere to a frequent oil change schedule, such as every 3,750 miles. Nissan of Lawton services every Nissan model year, so we can verify that your old oil isn't showing signs of engine decay, such as metal shards mixing with the liquid. In the end, fresh oil contributes to a long-lasting Nissan vehicle.

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